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DevOps goal is to build better quality software, faster and with better reliability, providing a higher level of communication and collaboration in development teams.

Requirements Engineering

19% of development projects are cancelled due to deficiencies in specifications and/or administration requirements. (Standish Group – Chaos Report 2015)

Software Testing

An exhaustive testing effort at the right moment reduces the risk of failed production entries and detects inconsistencies opportunely. Start testing, and start correcting mistakes.

Configuration Management

Many of the problems that appears in production environments are due to poor configuration management practices.

Project Management

14% of total canceled projects was due to the absence of management practices. (Standish Group – Chaos Report 2015).

Pleasant opinions for us

  • July 21st/2022
The value added by Premium Consulting can be measured in terms of agility, especially in the following topics: (1) improvements in the agile development lifecycle management using Azure DevOps, (2) Planning and execution of test plans in a more systematic and organized way, (3) training and initial testing of continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. 
Andrés Zapata Martínez

Leader Software and Data Architect – International Area, Heinsohn Business Technology

  • March 5th/2021
Premium Consulting’s team is an example to follow since they are always willing to solve any problems that may arise, and provide us with the best alternative solutions.
Ximena Pineda Hernández

Software Quality Assurance Coordinator, Compensar

  • June 16th/2020
Nowadays, after having a year with Premium services, we realize a drastic change from what we had a year ago with the previous provider. With the service that Premium has given to us, we already have a number of important gains, automatic deployments, pipelines, branches management, reports generation, QA processes; we are working on portfolio management. Premium has helped us to organize a lot, to organize our home, so the services are provided in a good way and in the end, you can see a return of the investment towards us.
Rodrigo Neira Cortés

Manager IT 4 IT, Claro Clolombia

  • October 31th/2019

Premium Consulting has fulfilled with all our requirements and expectations and has provided a service with outstanding opportunity and quality.

Their engineers are always willing to share their knowledge and propose solutions that have strengthened the use of TFS and consequently improved the management of IT development solutions.

Yanid Parra Cantor

Technical Manager, Compensar

  • April 20th/2017
Outstanding. Premium has met the project’s expectations in terms of scope, fulfilling the schedule and quality of the deliveries.
Federico Divantoque Hernandez

Development Boss, Banco de Bogotá

  • April 18th/2017

In Premium, we found a team that cares about getting things done, and for transmitting and accompanying our customers, which is highly valued in this industry.

Although the projects have difficulties, Premium strives to bring them to a successful conclusion and provides more than expected to have the least possible impact against the difficulties that may arise.

Mary Luz Fonseca M.

Engagement Manager, Microsoft

  • June 4th/2017

It is a responsible, committed company that knows how to do their job. Premium Consulting delivers results with the highest quality.

José Luis Cerón Sarria

Senior Architect, Heinsohn

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