About us?

We are a company aimed at  increasing productivity  of our customer’s software development teams through implementation of best practices extensively and successfully tested in the sector, and through effective use of tools to support the development process of software and DevOps. Our consultants have years of experience on the “battlefield” in successful development software projects in various industry sectors and on implementation of best practices of software engineering.


Founded in 2012, PREMIUM CONSULTING quickly became in Microsoft partner silver level in the competence  ALM  (Application Lifecycle Management). This competence distinguished companies specialized in implementation of Team Foundation Server (TFS), and in software development methodology.

In 2015, after a series of successful projects and in recognition of our work, we became in Microsoft provider in the DevOps division. The entrance to this division allowed us to go along Microsoft with their biggest projects performing the role of expert consultants on DevOps and TFS, in addition to providing specialist consultants in requirements engineering, testing and project management.

Between 2019 and 2020, after an training and certification process of our engineers we became Microsoft partner Gold in DevOps  competence. This competence distinguishes to capable companies of implement DevOps solutions involving process, technology, and organizational culture to deliver powerful software solutions.

Currently, PREMIUM CONSULTING is a recognized and recommended provider as a specialist implementing Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server, contributing not only knowledge and experience on the tool, but also increasing the productivity of our clients through the use of best practices of software engineering.

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