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The term DevOps it’s a combination of the terms “Development” and “Operations”, and it refers to the union of people, processes and technology in order to offer constant value to the clients.

DevOps allows roles that were previously isolated (development, IT operations, quality and security) coordinate and collaborate to produce better and trustworthy software products. By embracing a DevOps culture along with best practices and DevOps tools, our teams acquire the ability to better responds to customer needs, increase trust in applications they create and achieve business goals in less time.

Why invest in DevOps?


  • DevOps’ goal is to build better quality software, faster and with greater reliability, providing a higher level of communication and collaboration across development and operation teams.
  • We have found that many of our customers have licensed DevOps tools which they partially use or in the worst case, they do not use them due to ignorance or the availability of internal resources to implement them.
  • Even though most software development teams have their processes defined, they are not ensuring all the efficiency and quality that businesses demand nowadays.


Our offer in DevOps


  • Certified Azure DevOps/ TFS consultants with 4+ years of experience with the tool.
  • Consultants with 12+ years of experience in software engineering projects.
  • 15+ successful Azure DevOps/ TFS deployments and/or migrations.
  • Azure DevOps/ TFS delegated Administration.
  • Migration to Azure Devops from previous versions of TFS.
  • Personalized training in Azure DevOps according to the role.
  • Contribution to the improvement of software development processes through DevOps practices.
  • Experience in other complement tools like: Jenkins, Maven Selenium, Power BI, Sharepoint, SonarQube and SonarCloud.

How we can support you?

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering includes the execution of all activities related to discovery, documentation, validation and administration software requirements. The use of the term “Engineering” implies the use of systematic and repeatable techniques that ensure the requirements of a system are complete, they are correct, consistent and necessary, among other criteria.

Why invest in requirement engineering?

19% of development projects are canceled due to deficiencies in specifications and/or requirements management (Standish Group – Chaos Report 2015).

Proper requirements management generates:

  • Early agreement on the final product.
  • Formal basis for tests.
  • Traceability between work products.
  • Software alignment with the objectives of the company.
  • Decrease in exchange controls.


Our offer in Requirements Engineering


  • Certified IREB consultants with 15+ years of experience in obtaining and managing requirements.
  • Requirements engineers Outsourcing.s
  • IREB training.
  • Workshops to enhance the requirements engineering practices.
  • Assessment and improvement of the requirements engineering process.
  • Effective use of supporting tools into the process.

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Software Testing

When we talk about software testing, we refer to the set of activities aimed to evaluate if a software product meets the specified requirements.

Why invest in Software Testing?

A thorough testing effort at the right time minimizes the risks of failed production entries and promptly detects inconsistencies.

The sooner you start testing, the sooner you start fixing bugs; keep in mind that the cost of maintaining your product could be higher than the initial constructions cost if you underestimate the testing effort.

Our offer in Software Testing


  • Consultants certified in ISTQB with 10+ years of experience in software testing planning and execution.
  • Test engineers outsourcing.
  • Assessment and improvement of Software testing process.
  • Effective use of process support tools.
  • Workshops to enhance testing practices.
  • Manual testing service
  • Automatic functional testing service.
  • Automatic non-functional testing service.

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Configuration Management

It is the process of identifying, organizing, and controlling modifications to a software under construction or evolution. The goal is to maximize productivity and minimize errors while implementing product changes.

Why invest in Configuration Management?

Most of the problems that occur during the deployment are due to the weak configuration management practices.

Could you answer these questions in an easy and timely way?

  • Do you have a stable and defined version of each work product?
  • Do you have the mechanisms to revert to a previous version with unconcern?
  • Do you know what changes are released in a certain version?
  • Do you know what code elements were modified to reach a certain requirement?


Our offer in Configuration Management


  • TFS/Azure Devops certified consultants with 8+ years of CM and software development experience.
  • Improvement of the configuration management process
  • Effective use of process support tools to:
    • Version Control
    • Build Automation
    • Continuous Integration
    • Deployment Automation and Continuous Deployment
    • Infrastructure as code

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Project Management

Project management consists in applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to the activities of a project to make it successful and reach all their objectives.

Why invest in Project Management ?


  • “A project without a manager is like a ship adrift”.
  • 14% of failed projects were due to the absence of management practices. (Standish Group – Chaos Report 2015).


Our offer in Project Management


  • Certified PMP Consultants with 10+ years of project management experience.
  • Outsourcing of project managers.
  • Support in the establishment and refinement of software estimate processes.
  • Effective use of process support tools to:
    • Planning, monitoring and control
    • Agile and traditional methodologies.

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